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Get Your Reporting Superpowers with Google Data Studio

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a bit of a Google fan-boy. Ok, that’s an understatement. I’m more like one of those obsessed super-fans who goes to Comic-Con in full costume. As a data nerd, my favorite character in the Google universe has always been Google Analytics. I’ve recently grown more and more impressed with the superpowers of Data Studio, Google’s data visualization tool that turns your data into informative dashboards and reports that are easy to read, easy to share, and fully customizable. By telling great stories with your data, you can ultimately provide better information and insights to support better business decisions. Here are a few reasons why I love Data Studio and think you will, too:

Super Slick + Super Free: While there are a number of great data visualization tools on the market, including Tableau and Looker to name a couple, the price point of these analytics software systems may not fit your budget, and a lack of full organizational adoption can result in clunky, inefficient reporting processes. Or even worse, an inability to integrate your most important data. Google Data Studio solves these common problems by providing easy integration with other ad platforms and analytics tools, and by being free! (Yeah, I know the “cost” is technically Google having my personal data, but I’m willing to make that trade for all of the awesomeness I get. If you’re not, I get it.)

Data Hookups Abound: Data Studio provides the ability to access data from over 90 connectors, and it seems like they’re adding more every day. Our digital team’s favorite connectors are other Google tools like Analytics, AdWords, Search Console, and Google Sheets, which can be used to display completely customized data in Data Studio. In addition, with a little extra effort and budget, you can even set up Supermetrics or OWOX to pull in data from Facebook/Instagram Ads or other ad platforms.

Kill Your PowerPoint: You can fully flesh out reports in Data Studio by adding images, such as screen shots of creative assets, and text boxes that you can fill with insights. This has always been a drawback of Google Analytics on its own, which doesn’t really have a good way to add commentary to reports. In the past, this issue forced us to create monthly reporting slide decks using PowerPoint, Google Slides, etc. and then add static screen shots of data visualizations along with our written insights. With Data Studio, those days are over.

Try It Yourself: You can test drive Google Data by visiting or by browsing the Report Gallery at At Vermilion, we’re developing an ever-growing library of client-specific Data Studio reports, so shoot us an email if you’re looking for something specific. We may not be able to share an exact client report, but chances are we’ll have a template or two that could be a great starting point for us to help you create your own fully-customized performance dashboard. It’s not as cool as having a superpower, but if you love data as much as we do, it’s pretty close.