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34 Degrees

34 Degrees

Gather Round 34 Degrees.

for 34 Degrees Crisps

The 34 Degrees crackers brand has grown to be a defining player in a new premium food category despite relatively low brand awareness. To drive their next wave of growth, we needed to shift the habit that crackers are a low-involvement item, often left unplanned up until the moment of shopping. So, we set out to inspire hostesses who find joy in gatherings where bringing people together is a part of their reputation and identity.

To capture the vibrant personalities of hostesses and guests, we partnered with Dutch illustrator, Bodil Jane. These illustrations were artfully collaged together with recipe photography and welcoming language. “Gather Round” showcases the kaleidoscope of 34 Degrees crackers—savory to sweet, naked or topped— the host who serves them, and the guests she entertains in life.

Create. Share. Shine.

We talked to women in groups and via online journaling about their values, food choices, motivations, and inspirations as they relate to entertaining, and even about their family and friend dynamics. Many shared that they love gatherings (big and small) because it brings together all the things they love—the people, the food, and the little moments where their creativity gets a chance to shine.

“I feel rich. When everyone is having a great time. When the food is disappearing and everyone is laughing. That’s when my life is full.”

34 Degrees Crips Focus Group Attendee

Video Storytelling with 6-second Bumper Ads

34 Degrees’ sales swell during the holidays. But this is a noisy, busy time of year for our audience to connect in a low-involvement category, especially as they plan their high-stakes occasions. So, we created a series of six-second, bite-sized attention grabbers (sound familiar?) that boost awareness for even the most attention deprived viewer. They’re fun and flirty and deliciously inviting. Perfect for 34 Degrees.

Gather the People and Things You Love. Gather Round.

The “Gather Round” holiday campaign boasts digital banners, robust social advertising, influencer integration, digital videos and search ads. Our digital marketing plan includes a mix of behavioral, look-a-like and contextual targeting approaches to reach our audience at the right time and in the right context. Each approach is unique and helps to complement our holistic approach. Ads link to our campaign landing page that includes festive recipes, product info, a store locator and holiday playlists. Visit