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Earth Balance

Earth Balance

Good for You and Good for the Planet

for Earth Balance

Earth Balance leads the way for plant-based alternatives to favorite foods. Their growing line of delicious 100% plant-based spreads, nut butters, snacks, dressings, and meals are vegan, non-GMO certified, and made without artificial ingredients and hydrogenated oils. Although the brand was well recognized with spirited, loyal enthusiasts, the challenge with the website redesign was to introduce Earth Balance to new consumers and to showcase the family of Earth Balance products in a friendly, accessible way. We used a hand-drawn illustration style and informal typography to present a relaxed, joyful personality. Simple animations with our mindful brand champion are peppered throughout to surprise and provide more information about a plant-based lifestyle.

Spreading the Word

Print ads focused on the brand’s simple ingredients and easy-going optimism, signal a handcrafted authenticity in publications focused on the plant-based diet category.

Doing What's Right

Earth Balance takes the health of the planet just as seriously as they take the wellness of their customers, so they put time and energy into initiatives that support these important issues. This brochure highlights their responsibly sourced and sustainably produced palm oil, and dedication to making a difference in the organic, childhood health, food allergy, and environmental worlds.


4 New Product Category Launches Supported