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Gill Foundation

Gill Foundation

The Next Step for Equality

for Gill Foundation

The new focus of longtime client Gill Foundation is to advance equality for all LGBT Americans further and faster. Thirty-two states still don’t treat their LGBT citizens equally. The next phase of the movement is focused on harnessing the momentum built through the marriage initiatives and use it to secure clear, comprehensive nondiscrimination protections, especially in states where progress lags. The Gill website spells out the challenges and needs, and encourages activists and funders to join the work to help bring about change.

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Smart, collaborative giving

Since 1996 Gill Foundation has fostered a passionate and committed donor network known as OutGiving, whose generosity has made significant impact on the march to equality. Included in the website are inspirational videos and information about the biennial conferences that bring donors together in private settings to connect, learn, and exchange ideas.

Annual Report

The 2014 Gill Foundation annual report spells out the efforts that led to widespread progress in the movement, including the highly successful Federal Agencies Project, family recognition and gay marriage campaigns, and the safe schools programs. In the past 20 years, Gill has invested $279 million in advancing the equal treatment of LGBT Americans and creating a fairer, more prosperous Colorado.

Holiday Cards

Each year Vermilion gets the opportunity to produce a light-hearted topical holiday card for the Gill Foundation. Previous cards included a humorous cocktail book (including the Scalia Sour), a binder full of wishes (with a nod to Mitt’s binder), and a snow globe with with notable events of the year (“Shakin’ Up the Holidays”).

This year’s card provides a review of 2016, from the excitement of Stonewall becoming a National Monument, to the tragedy of Orlando. (View the card here.)