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Today, the need to act in the interest of our community, local and global, is only more vital in the face of the great social and environmental challenges of the day. The mission of the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation is an open answer to these challenges — an inspiring invitation to foster “a more just, equitable, and sustainable society.”

The overriding goals for Vermilion’s site redesign were sixfold: to create a more modern front and backend experience; to replace a busy, content heavy site with a cleaner, simpler experience; to put greater emphasis and use on compelling visuals; to employ a less formal, more conversational tone with copy and descriptions of programs; to reinforce the credibility and authenticity of the Mott Foundation brand; and to place greater focus on the primary website audiences.

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Grants Database

The centerpiece of the Mott website is a comprehensive, searchable, filter-enhanced database of all Foundation grants. From all program areas — Civil Society, Education, Environment, and Flint Area — the grants area delivers quick and easy access to the Mott Foundation’s rich history of partnership and progress in its own backyard, across the United Status, and throughout the globe. Vermilion built this area of the site with a robust backend, connecting grants to related Mott news articles and publications.


$3 Billion in giving over 90 years

The Process

Following extensive insight gathering among key stakeholders, and careful wireframing and UX design exercises, we created mood boards, design templates, and a content strategy that would make an effective tool for the organization, fostering efficient interaction between foundation and grant seekers, celebrating and engaging grantees, and demonstrating Mott’s impact credibility and transparency. Above all, the goal was to celebrate the Mott community, to bring a warmth and humanity in color, photography, and language that reflect the true essence of the Foundation.


62 Countries with Active Grants