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Naropa University

Naropa University

East Meets West

for Naropa University

Since its founding in 1974, Naropa has been highly influential in the life of Boulder. From its writing and arts programs, to its Buddhist Studies and Psychology degrees, Naropa unites eastern disciplines and western traditions at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Over the years, Naropa has partnered with Vermilion for catalogs, marketing materials, website design, posters, and environmental graphics to express the Buddhist-inspired nonsectarian values of mindfulness, compassion, and awareness of our common humanity.

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Student Insights

In designing the new Naropa website, we conducted extensive research to discover what prospects were looking for in a college. Our goal was to speak directly to potential students, to talk about the transformative experience that is at the heart of the Naropa experience.

Empowering Transformation

“An epicenter for change” is the theme of the Now + Next capital campaign for Naropa. Spelling out the vision and goals of the University, the brochure defines the need for scholarship funding to provide increased access for a diverse student body.


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